Real Estate Services Done Differently!

Activate Property was born from a simple premise, and that is efficiency and trust.

When you engage a Real Estate Agent you want to know that they have your best interests at heart, and that they know the best way to represent those interests.​

We are not your run of the mill agents. We are your partners in property, helping you through all stages of your real estate journey.

From finance, property management, investment strategy, and all the way through to helping you sell your home. We are there for you.​

Activate Property Has 3 Primary Points of Difference

You may be tempted to think that the way all Real Estate Agents operate is much the same, and that you will not see drastic differences in practice from agency to agency. This could not be further from the truth!

When you select an agent to sell your property, you are hiring more than just a sleek salesman that knows how to negotiate the best price possible. You are also buying into their entire process for how a property should be taken to market!

Our refined system has been shown again and again to only bring in the best buyers, and to get our listings across the line faster and for the best price possible.

When You Work With Activate Property You are Getting

Risk Free Sales Agreements

  • No Sale, No Charge
  • No Marketing or Advertising Costs
  • Fixed Price Property Advertisements

Premium Property Showcasing

  • No Open Homes With Nosy Neighbours
  • Individually Shown to Qualified Buyers
  • Each Buyer Gets Undivided Attention

In House Investment Experts

  • Experts on Knowing What Price to Ask
  • Data Driven Decisions, Not Emotional
  • We Negotiate From a Better Position

We Can Provide a Free No Obligation Value Appraisal of Your Home

Even if you are not sure that now is the right time to sell, we are more than happy to come in and help you find out what your property could reasonably expect to achieve in the market, as well as helping you with suggestions of how you can quickly and easily increase your potential asking price!

We Would Love To Tell You A Little more about this opportunity!

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