Buying Established Property In Adelaide

Finding an investment property can be a much more involved process than finding a home to live in. The metrics that you are looking for can be quite different, your reasons to buy are also significantly different.

Your personal investment strategy may call for a very specific type of property, whether you are looking for off-the-plan or established, we have some great options available for you.

Consultation on Which Suburb

Buying investment property is all about location, location and location. If you are not quite sure which suburbs you should be considering in Adelaide, we can do a short consultation and line up a suburb with your strategy.

Full Buyer's Agent Service

For those who are looking for the 'boots on the ground' this is the package for you.

We will research and source the best property to fit your individual strategy and portfolio, we will inspect it, procure a professional building and pest inspection report and then handle all of the negotiations for you!​

Consultation on a Specific Property

This is similar to a suburb consultation, but we will go into much greater detail into the specifics of the property you are looking into.