Seasonal Workforce Drops North Pole Vacancy Rates and Increases Rental Yield

Thursday, December 17, 2015 / Miscellaneous


It is that time of year again, and the North Pole is enjoying a surge in seasonal workers.

This seasonal workforce pushed the vacancy rates on rental properties in the North Pole to an all time low, and has produced fantastic rental yields for the savvy investors who scooped up these properties.

There have been reports that the housing shortage within the North Pole has lead to some serious rental increases being enjoyed by speculative investors.

The difficult terrain of this arctic region makes commuting very difficult, which leads even further to the housing demand for properties that are located within a sled’s ride of Santas Workshop.

There has been some speculation that it is the big jolly man himself who is holding the titles on many of these properties, and it has been questioned if this investment holding strategy has been the primary method that Santa has bankrolled his entire operation.

Santa was unavailable for comment.

Whilst elves whip themselves into a frenzy during this years busiest period in the North Pole manufacturing industry, the need for accommodation is at an all time high.

Unsurprisingly this lead to a large scale migration of seasonal workers, similar to the influx of workers that are seen in mining areas, which also lead to major increases in mining town property prices.

Whilst the Iron Ore price has dropped significantly this year, leading to a mining downturn, analysts are confident that Christmas is going to continue its growth through the coming centuries.

We would like to remind people, as always, that when it comes to sound property investment strategies there are no “sure things”, and that they should always seek further professional advice before making any decisions.


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