Researching Available Properties and Developments [The Activate Way, Part 2]

Thursday, March 17, 2016 / Services


Once you have firmly decided upon what your investment strategy is going to look like, it is time to start putting some serious research in.

Your SMART goals will have helped you to really decide upon what property types you should be considering in your investment strategy.

Now that we have a handle on what exactly it is that you are in the market for, we can get down to the more serious business of actually finding it for you!

Often for a first time property investor this will mean finding them a development or property within South Australia, as there is a sense of surety and comfort that comes with knowing that you can easily pop by the building site and later the finished property.

More experienced investors may be looking towards diversifying their property investment portfolio, which opens up many other possibilities for us to follow up with.

We encourage you to be as involved in this research and selection process as you like.

We understand that you may want to be the master and commander, taking advice where you need it and generally making all of the calls.

Likewise, we know that some investors simply want us to do the leg work, establish a short-list of appropriate properties, and then discuss only the short list with you.

Property Investment Research is Our Speciality

We have a morbid obsession with flow charts, spreadsheets, news cycles and all manner of property data.

When it comes to conducting property research we have it down pat, and have access to all of the best professional resources, as well as the more public free resources that are available. 

We keep a close and watchful eye on the property market across the country, and make sure we are aware of any changes that may be coming in that could impact property prices or property investors (such as interest rate changes, legislative changes etc).

One of the primary benefits of gaining assistance from a professional investment property strategist such as myself, is that your research stage is not starting from square one.

We already have a database of properties and developments, each with significant levels of research into their various merits.

We keep a snap shot of some of the properties we have out eyes on in our featured properties section, this is by no means an exhaustive list of each property or development that we have looked into recently.

Quite frequently our strategy session with you will uncover that your needs can potentially be met by a development in which we are already very familiar.

Conducting Custom Research For Your Individual Strategy

Occasionally, we address within the initial property strategy meeting that our clients needs can not be met with any of the existing options that are on our radar.

In this situation, we will get out there and find a suitable property or development for your needs.

For example, we recently had a client come in, they had an existing portfolio but they needed to add a little more diversity to it.

We could see that they were heavily invested in one state, and one property type (suburban home, suburban unit, urban home, urban unit/apartment etc).

We crafted a strategy with them and decided on what the next region they should buy in should be, and what the next property type should be also.

From there, we had a closer look at the suburban hotspots in the region, narrowing down the search.

We then investigated all of the developments that were occurring in our target zone.

Presenting You With Some Options

Once we have some options for properties that may fit in with your strategy we will come to you with a list to look over and some comments.

You can look through the information packs that we provide on each development and ask us any follow up questions.

If you decide that you would like to go ahead with one of the properties that we have recommended then we can initiate the process of reserving, purchasing and then settling your new investment property!

Check out the next article outlining the activate way, and learn what the next step is in our process of helping our clients build wealth through property investment. See part 3 of the activate way here.


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