Linking Property Developers With Investors [The Activate Way, Part 3]

Thursday, March 31, 2016 / Services

+ Some of Our PartnersOnce we complete our initial consultation with you, and then followed this up with further research on your personal
goals and strategies, we will present you with some potential properties that may meet your investment goals.

These properties are developments that we have heavily vetted to ensure they are going to be fitting well with your investment strategy and personal goals.

We certainly knock back more developers than we accept, preferring our database of properties to be filled with quality rather than quantity.

For example, if a developer shows us a new project they are working on, and we feel that the region is not a prime candidate for growth opportunities, we will politely decline the offer of representing the development.

Each development that we think may be suitable then has an individual report generated specifically for its relation to your personalised strategy.

Each report outlines the following:

  • Who the developers are
  • Where the development is
  • Timeline of the development
  • Final quotes on price and availability
  • Personal cash flow analysis
  • Past and projected growth of the area
  • Vacancy rates and rental yields for the area
  • Stamp duty information, any discounts where applicable
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Any Sign on Bonuses, such as free land lord’s insurance, free property management periods etc

After we present you with these reports on various properties, it is time for you to review the opportunities with your family, accountant, financial planner etc.

Once You Decide on an Available Investment Property

When you decide which property you would like to invest in, you contact us.

There is no need to come in and see us in person for this stage, a simple phone call is enough.

Once we know which property you would like, it is time for us to contact the developers and re-confirm it’s availability.

From there, we place what is known as a No Obligation Hold on the Property with the development company.

From here you can rest assured knowing that the property is being held for you and will not be sold to anyone else.

This holding period can last up to seven days before a final decision needs to be made and a formal contract signed in person.

We assist you with a basic understanding of the contract, and the most pertinent points that you really must be aware of.

This is your opportunity to then ask me some additional questions, and I will answer them as best I can.

It is good practice to engage a conveyancer to look over the contract and check some of the finer contractual details. We can recommend some great conveyancers if you would appreciate some assistance from a dedicated property contract expert.

Note: It is highly recommended that you do not place a hold on a property or sign a contract before you have your finance approved on the investment loan.

If you need a professional mortgage broker, with a a wealth of experience in investment lending, then feel free to contact us to assist you with gaining the loan.

From here the contract is sent back to the developers, the property is locked in.

The next step is for the banks to do their own independent evaluation and ensure that the property you are purchasing matches the stated price.

Check out the next article outlining the activate way, and learn what the next step is in our process of helping our clients build wealth through property investment. See part 4 of the activate way here.


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