Buyer's Agents Are On YOUR Side When You Purchase Property

When you sell a house, it can be an emotional time. Practically everyone knows that it is best to have this process taken over by a professional real estate agent. When it comes to negotiating on something with a price tag as high as property, you want to have your best foot forward and know that you have someone in your corner fighting their hardest.

So why don't as many people bring in the professionals when it comes time to buy a property?​

Furthermore, what if you are not even in the same state as the property you are trying to buy?​

Our Buyers Agent Service Covers All Parts of the Property Purchasing Cycle

Researching Properties

  • We Match Locations to Your Needs
  • We Complete a Comparative Market Report
  • We Create a Shortlist of Recommendations

Inspecting and Negotiating

  • We Attend The Open Inspections
  • We Arrange Building & Pest Inspections
  • We Can Negotaite With Real Estate Agents

Closing and Settling

  • We Can Present Your Offer for or With You
  • We Can Manage any Counter Offers
  • We See The Deal Through to Settlement

Researching Properties is More Than Jumpingf on and Domain

Depending on what you are looking for, the research of a new property can cover quite a lot of variables. These variables change dependant on what your main goal is in finding a new property, particularly if you are looking for an owner occupier or an investment. In an ideal world, your owner occupied will well satisfy all investment metrics also.

Owner Occupied Variables

  • Size and layout of the home
  • How well it fits with your current lifestyle
  • Commute times for household residents

Investment Property Variables

  • Value Metrics of the suburb 
  • Key Local Infrastructure
  • Historic Trends in Value

Boots on the Ground, Eyes on the Property, Ready to Negotiate

The best negotiations come from a position of power, and the best power is knowledge. Armed with our macro research into the region as well as our more targeted research into individual properties, it is time for us to inspect the houses in person.

  • We attend any open inspections
  • We get to know the property ourselves
  • We source a professional building and pest inspection
  • We use a suburb level data & property level data to start negotiations

Once We Complete Negotiations, We Assist You In Drafting Your Offer

Many people prefer to play a more active role in this stage, but that is not to say that you can not simply leave the entire process up to us. We will have a solid understanding of the amount that you are looking to invest, and we will work our hardest to get you the best possible price from there!

We will oversee your purchase all the way through to settlement, and then if you are purchasing the property as an investment, we can even have tenants ready for you the moment the keys are handed over!​