Investors Dream in the Adelaide CBD

With its Angas Street location, in the heart of the CBD, Kodo offers breath taking views and a stimulating city life style.

With 208 apartments, across 30 floors; starting at $327,500 there is some great opportunities for investors from all walks of life.

About the Development

There are a range of apartments available, ranging from 1 bedroom and 1 bath, all the way to 3 bedroom penthouses.

Each apartment will have an exceptional view of the Adelaide region and surrounding park lands; this buildings sheer height will leave your tenants living above the majority of Adelaide with the sights to prove it!

Each apartment has large balcony spaces, floor to ceiling windows and a spacious design which makes the entire apartment feel open and inviting.

Investing in the Adelaide CBD

City living is becoming more and more embraced throughout Australia, with cities such as Sydney and Melbourne experiencing significant booms in the demand for inner city apartments.

This demand is not limited to the Eastern states, as more and more Australians are attracted to the convenience of city life!

Occupants of the new Kodo building will be within a stone’s throw from Victoria Square and the Adelaide Central Markets; ideally situated for ease of public transport.

Adelaide as a city is also playing host to a suite of new developments, each one adding to the already high liveability of this great Urban centre, such as:

  • The Casino Redevelopment at $300 million
  • The festival centre expansion at $400 million
  • The new Rotal Adelaide hospital at $1.8 billion

as well as the recent Victoria Square and Adelaide oval updates!

Combining these major infrastructure upgrades, with the Adelaide City Council’s objective to double the city’s population within the next 15 years is predicted to be a driver for some serious value growth.

Some Key Metrics for Investing in the Adelaide CBD

Vacancy Rate: 2.1% (data sourced from accurate as of 28/1/2016)

A vacancy rate that is sitting below 3% shows that there is a very strong demand for rental properties within the region.

With Adelaide’s vacancy rate coming in at 2.1% this shows a clear advantage to the investor over the renter in this situation.

(read more about vacancy rates here)

Rental Yield: 5.6% ( data sourced from accurate as of 28/1/2016)

A rental yield of 5.6% is considered to be a very high yield.

This is calculated by looking at the average unit price of $390,000 and then comparing it to the average weekly rent of $420

It is estimated that the average mortgage costs, minus the rental prices of a 2 bedroom apartment in Adelaide would create a positive cash flow of approximately $500 per month.

If you would like to find out more about the exciting opportunities presented by Kodo, or to speak to a professional about your property investment portfolio, do not hesitate to get in contact with us!