We Can Help Decide on the Value of a Specific Adelaide Property

Once you have decided that you want to buy property in Adelaide, and you have refined this decision down to which suburb you would like to buy in, then the next step is deciding which of the available properties will best suit your needs.

Whilst it is true that the majority of investment outcomes is dictated by the age old catch cry of 'location location location', the individual property will always come into play when understanding its relative merits as either an investment or an owner occupied home. 

We run the available properties in your chosen suburb through a dedicated filtering system, designed to narrow the list down to only the properties that will best serve your needs and goals. 

Our Process for Refining Which Property Suits Best in Your Chosen Suburb

Reviewing the Market

  • Outlining Available Properties 
  • Filter The List By Obvious Mismatches
  • Filter by Metrics Such as Budget

Closely Reviewing Each Property

  • We Check the Age of Each Building
  • We Check Size of Each Lot
  • We Compare Each Property to the Others

Delivering Our Report

  • We Run You Through Our Findings
  • We Provide a Shortlist of Properties
  • We Outline Which Are Worth Inspecting

Our Adelaide Property Report Can Greatly Reduce How Many Properties You Need to Inspect

By removing obvious mismatches, over priced dreamers, and properties that will not align with your investment needs, we can greatly reduce the amount of time you need to spend inspecting and reviewing available properties.